On March 1st 2014, the best snowshoe racers from the U.S. and around the world will converge on Southern Vermont to compete in the 2014 Dion Snowshoes U.S. National Snowshoe Championships. The historic village of Bennington, Vermont will serve as the host community, while the races will be contested eight miles away at Prospect Mountain Ski Area in snowy Woodford, Vermont.

Here’s a video to wet your appetite.

Online Registration EXTENDED!

We’ve decided to extend the deadline for online registration for the later comers. It now closes at noon on Friday. But don’t wait till the last minute! Here’s the link – Online Registration

Snow Conditions – February 26th

Only 3 days till the Dion Snowshoes U.S. National Snowshoe Championships! Here is a little video to show you the current snow conditions at Prospect Mountain in Woodford, Vermont, where the event is being held.

List of Registered Athletes Posted

For those of you curious to see how you stack up against the competition, I’ve posted a list of registered athletes organized by age group. As more racers register I’ll keep updating the list. The page can be found here Registered Athletes List

Relay Race Course

A fun, scenic and spectator friendly 2.5 kilometer loop has been set for Sunday’s Relay Race event. Teams of four people will each run a leg to see which group can cover the 10 kilometers of total distance the fastest. This event is open to all. Teams can consist of a single or mixed gender […]

Junior’s 5k U.S. Championship Course

The Junior’s 5K course has been finalized. Check out the map and elevation data below. Elevation Data per Kilometer: K – Gain – Loss (ft.) 1K – 122 – 29 2K – 72 – 114 3K – 192 – 80 4K – 43 – 81 5K – 28 – 138 Total Climb – 457 Feet […]

10K U.S. Championship Course

The Open Men’s and Women’s 10K course has been finalized. Check out the map and elevation data below. Elevation Data per Kilometer: K – Gain – Loss (ft.) 1K – 131 – 28 2K – 60 – 121 3K – 204 – 72 4K – 255 – 22 5K – 100 – 00 6K – […]

Snow Conditions at Prospect Mountain on January 29th, 2014

The Northeast has had a strange Winter. We started off with several feet of snow and cold conditions in December and then a mid January thaw and lots of rain saw much of the region lose its snow cover. Due to it’s high elevation, Prospect Mountain in Woodford, VT (site of the 2014 Nationals) has […]

Junior Division at the National Championships

Junior Division If you are a junior athlete (ages 11-14 or 15-19), or know of one who would love to compete in a National Championship, we’d love to have you at the event. Not many junior athletes are aware that snowshoe racing is a sport, and we’d like to change that. So help us to […]