Team Scoring – New This Year

Team Scoring comes to Snowshoe Nationals for the first time. Due to popular demand, we’ve included team scoring and awards as part of the Dion Snowshoes U.S. National Snowshoe Championships.

Here’s how it will work. A team will consist of 3 or more athletes that have declared team affiliation prior to the event. The fastest 3 members of each team will be the scoring members. Team rank will be based on the combined times of the 3 fastest members. If a team fails to finish 3 racers, that team will not score.

An athlete may only register for one team.

There will be three categories – Juniors, Open, and Masters for both men and women. Junior teams will be scored in the 5k Junior race for athletes 19 and under. In the 10K Senior race, an athlete of any age can register as part of an Open team, but athletes 40 and over can register as part of an open or Masters team. If an athlete above the age of 40 registers for an Open team, they may not compete on an additional Masters team. There will be no co-ed mixing of teams. Athletes from outside of the United States can register as part of a team and will compete against all other teams. Current members of the United States Armed Forces may join an Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard or National Guard team and will compete against all other teams.

Team affiliation needs to be coordinated and discussed among team members in advance of the event, so that team names are consistent. Each team should choose a team manager/leader who will declare the creation of a team upon registration. Once a team manager/leader declares a team with us, it’s up to them to advertise and recruit for their team and let each of their members know the team name to sign up for on For instance, the Central Mass Striders will have over 20 racers in the event and will probably be declaring Central Mass Striders 1, Central Mass Strides 2, and Central Mass Striders Masters. Each one of these teams will have a leader responsible for it’s creation and coordination. Each of these different teams will appear in the drop down list on after it has been declared. We strongly recommend that teams use full spellings of their names to avoid confusion of similar or nondescript acronyms.

We can not be responsible for misspelled team names or acronyms vs spelled out team names. It is the athlete’s responsibility to properly coordinate and register team affiliation.

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  1. When I registered for nationals, I was under the impression that there was a 50 to 54 cat. Looking at the web site I see only open men. Are we all combined no matter you age? or are separated out on completion of our race? Also am I required to be on a team. Sorry I’m a bit comfused. There was no master men cat. on the registration page. Please clarify this for me. Thankyou.

    1. There is a new ‘Team Competition’ in addition to the normal individual competition. All age group categories are still in place, but now athletes can also compete as part of a team to win an Open or Masters team title.

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